Thursday, September 23, 2010

Small Update/FUN!

I got my offical Peace Corps medical clearance letter in the mail on Monday. Now I'm just kind of waiting around. Almost constantly keeping an eye on my phone waiting for a call from a Placement Officer. Hey, my name is Joey. CALL ME!

Got an idea from another applicant...let's talk on Skype! Social networks and social support are great! ESPECIALLY for this kind of thing. So let's get talking, guys and gals! Skype: kangaroozer510

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Medically Cleared!

After a week and a half of emailing various PC personel (which I do believe helped move the process along), I woke up to an unexpected email from the PC this morning. Account was updated. Got super excited, checked the main page immediately, and boom....MEDICAL COMPLETE! YAY!!!!! I then proceeded to contact my best friends..after jumping around the room cheering, and laughing, and almost crying. Ha. Now I'm waiting for my letter in the mail and then on to placement. Medical has taked four months to clear. Most difficult wait EVER! Onward!!!!