Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Next week (five days to be exact) will be the one month anniversary of me being contacted by my placement officer. Funny story: haven't heard from her since. Well, until today that, is. I emailed my old recruiter in hopes of getting some help. Typically..actually..every time I have emailed my recruiter about updates, something happens. So this time when I emailed her, lo and behold, I received an email from my placement officer. This is the email:

Hi Josh,

I’ve received your updated resume; thanks!


Make note, my name is JOEY. JOEY!!! J-O-E-Y! So with that, I wonder what's worse: receiving an email being called someone else or not receiving an email at all. I would really like things to just move along. Seriously. Oh, also the email she responded to was the 3rd email I have sent to my recruiter. I understand that these people are busy, but really?? Ha, little disappointments going on right now. I would just like to see some good things come my way. Geesh.


  1. Haha I have the same person... its been awhile for me too.

  2. ha, well for the record, she'll be back into the office on monday (via an automated email i received from her yesterday) hahaha.