Monday, December 13, 2010


I was supposed to talk to my Placement Specialist on Friday. Left messages, emails..still didn't hear back. I called the main desk and left a message today. Got a call back from Imani...ha. She put me on hold to go talk to my Placement Specialist real quick. Basically, she told me that he said he hasn't heard anything from the country yet so that's why he hasn't been in contact. So now I'm just waiting. Yay... I'm okay with that for now, I guess. No matter how much anxiety I may get from this lovely waiting game, a phrase from a manga/anime that means a lot to me keeps coming up in my head: you can give up on me giving up! That's basically where I stand with that now. Good luck, applicants! Keep up that PMA and things will start working out! BELIEVE IT!

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  1. Your waiting is surely coming to a successful end soon. You seem to have handled your phone interview with your Placement Specialist superbly.
    While I'm staying positive, the looming holidays have me weighing whether to call/email my Placement & Assessment Assistant to try to elicit some sort of help getting a Placement Specialist to call/email me.